Case Studies- Older Peoples Work

Alongside our work with the younger people of Irlam and Cadishead, we also support the older generation in the community. We provide transport for the less mobile to their commitments such as doctors appointments, or simply help them get to the shops. Feedback we have received has been positive, and below are some of the comments we have received by older people who use our services. One user commented that without our service they would not be able to go out because of their mobility problems, they were particularly pleased with the fact that they could book transport with a simple phone call. Another user said that the fact our transport service is door-to-door, it means that they don't have to wait at the bus stop, and that we have friendly escorts and drivers. Additionally, one other user told us that our service means they don't have to pay more on expensive taxis, and that our service allows them to mix with other people, and we offer friendly support. To find out more about our Older Peoples work please feel free to contact us, details here.